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Tue Jan 19 15:52:25 UTC 2016


         I am trying with SSL handshake mechanism with ECDSA-ECDHE-AES-SHA and have generated certificates following the below link.


But have certain issues regarding the same.

1.  The generated certificates show "The certificate has an invalid  signature " and the public key length shown  is ECC (0 bits ) . Upon exploring some websites, I understood, it is related to key length restrictions of windows. I am working on windows. But creating ECC keys and signing it by RSA works fine, the problem prevails with ECDSA, how do I resolve the same?

2. The s_server and s_client of openssl are implemented for ECDSA_ECDHE_AES_GCM_SHA384 but the same  s_server and s_client work with my ECDHE-RSA certificates as well , How is that possible?The ECDHE-RSA certificates should work invalid. But that's not the case, it works fine. Please explain the underlying reason.

3. The s_server and s_client behave quite uncertain at times i.e  the same cipher suite that I input is recognized at one instance and at other instance the same suite is not recognized and I am provided with an error  of "no shared cipher error" from the server side. Please explain.

         Kindly answer. Any help is highly appreciated.

        Thanks and regards,



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