[openssl-users] how to unsubscribe

Kurt Roeckx kurt at roeckx.be
Sun Jul 3 14:58:27 UTC 2016

On Sun, Jul 03, 2016 at 07:42:44AM -0700, Igenyar Saharam wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry to bother. The suggestion I found is to send email to openssl-users
> with one line message of "unsubscribe openssl-users". I did that but it
> still keeps coming. Could someone kindly instruct me the right way?

Every message to this list contains the instructions.  There are
are 2 options:
- Go to https://mta.openssl.org/mailman/options/openssl-users
- Mail openssl-users-request at openssl.org with subject unsubscribe


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