[openssl-users] GCM cipher decryption

c.holper at ades.at c.holper at ades.at
Tue Jul 12 15:47:51 UTC 2016


2 questions about GCM and the following OpenSSL-Sample please.


and the function

int decrypt(unsigned char *ciphertext, int ciphertext_len, unsigned char 
*aad, int aad_len, unsigned char *tag, unsigned char *key, unsigned char 
*iv, unsigned char *plaintext)

* Is ciphertext the pure ciperhtext OR
is it with IV and TAG still in the string??

* If the 2nd: The IV is expected to be in front of the ciphertext and 
the TAG is expected to be past of the ciphertext - correct?
| IV | ciphertext | TAG |


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