[openssl-users] dtls record layer throughput test

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Jun 14 10:03:51 UTC 2016

On 14/06/16 09:12, Tudor-Dan Ambarus wrote:
> Hi,  Matt, all,
>>> Is there a throughput test for dtls record layer in openssl?
>>> I want to measure the performance of dtls record layer in openssl.
>>> I've used s_server and s_client to talk over dtls, but seems
>>> that they are only meant for functional testing.
>> Not really. s_time exists for TLS testing but unfortunately doesn't
>> support DTLS. There is also ssltest which isn't part of the installed
>> files but is contained in the test directory. That does have some DTLS
>> support and could *possibly* be used for this purpose - but both client
>> and server are in the same process and communication is in memory, not
>> via the network.
> Thank you for the useful information.
> Are you aware of any attempt of adding an openssl speed test for
> tls/dtls record layer protection? I'm thinking of a method of measuring
> how many tls/dtls record layer encapsulation/decapsulation operations
> openssl can perform in a given time. I don't need a communication channel,
> I only want to test the performance of the authenc operations in
> tls/dtls context.

I know of organisations that do this kind of thing internally (at least
for TLS). I'm not aware of any public effort.


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