[openssl-users] 1.0.2h no-tls1 Build Error unknown option no-tls1

Oliver Niebuhr googleersatz at oliverniebuhr.de
Thu Jun 16 10:31:36 UTC 2016


Not sure if this is a Bug or not:

1.) perl Configure no-ssl3 no-tls1 no-idea no-mdc2 no-rc5 VC-WIN32
2.) ms\do_nasm.bat or ms\do_ms.bat
3.) Message Output with ms\do_ms.bat usage:

perl util\mkfiles.pl  1>MINFO

perl util\mk1mf.pl no-asm VC-WIN32  1>ms\nt.mak
unknown option - no-heartbeats
unknown option - no-tls1

perl util\mk1mf.pl dll no-asm VC-WIN32  1>ms\ntdll.mak
unknown option - no-heartbeats
unknown option - no-tls1

if x == x goto skipce

perl util\mkdef.pl 32 libeay  1>ms\libeay32.def
perl util\mkdef.pl 32 ssleay  1>ms\ssleay32.def

No Problems with no-ssl3 (which is disabled by default now anyway).

Is this a Bug? If yes: Already known or should I file a BR? Or do I miss
anything else. I would love to disable TLS1.0

I cant use 1.1.0 yet: A.) Not released :) B.) Not supported by the Qt
Framework anyway.


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