[openssl-users] How to choose ECDH and ECDHE with curve more than 192

Rakesh T rakesht at cdac.in
Fri Jun 17 05:02:20 UTC 2016




I am using tomcat server, where I came across a situation where
TestSSLServer(http://www.bolet.org/TestSSLServer/)  tool reports the below, 


Highly appreciate your expertise in recommending a solution to the finding
where I can choose ECDH curve size greater than 192. In the server the
suites are just ECDH or ECDHE. I wonder how to restrict the curve value for
the EC.


How can i resolve this at the server end.


Minimum EC size (no extension):   256

Minimum EC size (with extension): 160

Supported curves (size and name) ('*' = selected by server):

    162  sect163k1 (K-163)

    162  sect163r1

    162  sect163r2 (B-163)

    192  sect193r1

    192  sect193r2

    231  sect233k1 (K-233)

    232  sect233r1 (B-233)

    237  sect239k1

    281  sect283k1 (K-283)

    282  sect283r1 (B-283)

    407  sect409k1 (K-409)

    408  sect409r1 (B-409)

    569  sect571k1 (K-571)

    570  sect571r1 (B-571)

    160  secp160k1

    160  secp160r1

    160  secp160r2

    192  secp192k1

    192  secp192r1 (P-192)

    224  secp224k1

    224  secp224r1 (P-224)

    256  secp256k1

  * 256  secp256r1 (P-256)

    384  secp384r1 (P-384)

    521  secp521r1 (P-521)


WARN[SK004]: Server supports ECDH parameters smaller than 192 bits


Thanks and highly appreciate your advice.



Thanks & Regards

Raakesh. T


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