[openssl-users] Developing CA with Openssl library

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Thu Mar 3 06:24:06 UTC 2016

On 03/02/2016 09:36 AM, thirumalkumarkanakurthi at bel.co.in wrote:
> Dear users,
>  I want to develop my own CA with openssl library with all the CA 
> functionalities like Key generation,Certificate creation,Certificate 
> Revocation List creation,Certificate revocation and certificate 
> verification.in Order to do so i am struct with the following questions
> 1. currently i am using openssl_1_0_1 stable version. With this 
> version is it possible to perform the above operations.

Yes, but it's a lot of code to write if you plan to use the library.

> 2. Will above mentioned version provide full CA CRL functionalities.
>  please help me  with your valuable suggestions and solutions. Thanks 
> in advance.

For what I know, all of it is there, too.
But really consider using OpenSSL-based open source products or at least 
openssl command line tools where possible, otherwise it is just as 
answer (1): there is a lot to do!

> Regards
> Thirumal Kumar Kanakurthi
> Member (Research Staff)/NWS Group
> Central Research Laboratory(BEL).
> Bangalore.
> Mobile:+918050469976

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