[openssl-users] verify certificate chain (in memory)

Ángel González angel at tls.16bits.net
Sat Mar 5 16:44:09 UTC 2016

Lei Sun wrote:
> Hi:
>   In my project I need to verify certificate chain sent from server.
> The chain has root->inter mediate -> server, 3 level chain. The
> server certificate files can be verified by "openssl verify" command:
> openssl verify -CAfile root.crt server.crt
> OK.
> But I had to combine the root cert and intermediate cert into single
> file, to verify the whole chain via command line.

Have you tried combining the intermediate and the server cert into a
single file? That should work, and is more akin to the actual behavior
(the server sends its certificate plus any  intermediates, and the
client should only need the root).

Kind regards

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