[openssl-users] SSL_CTX_new fails some times

Lloyd lloydkl.tech at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:34:52 UTC 2016


I am using boost asio for network programming, it in turn uses openSSL for
SSL based operations.

When asio library calls "SSL_CTX_new", it fails in some context. The
context is - (I am using Windows)

I have a "dll" plug-in which makes use of openssl functionalities
indirectly. In my application initialisation I call Windows "LoadLibrary"
function and also calls "GetProcAddress" to check if the plugin exposes
certain functionalities. Once this is done, it calls "FreeLibrary"
function. Once this function is called "SSL_CTX_new" fails.

I suspect that "Freelibrary" causes openssl libraries to be unloaded from
my process's context.

Is there any other reason for "SSL_CTX_new" to fail? The error i get is
"unable to load ssl2, md5 routines"

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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