[openssl-users] OpenSSL in unit tests - setup/teardown issue

Richard Welty rwelty at nwtime.org
Thu Mar 10 15:57:37 UTC 2016

i'm working on unit tests for the new NTS stuff for NTP and am having
some issues with setup & teardown for OpenSSL; there may be an actual
bug here; i'm looking for some guidance.

NTP is currently using the Unity test framework, which is a fairly
standard unit testing package. i have two tests for NTS, one is for
a group of wrappers around some CMS calls, and the second exercises
a higher level set of functions.

the CMS wrapper tests complete successfully, but second set of tests
goes into an infinite loop inside a call to X509_ALGOR_new()
i have disabled all the actual tests in the CMS test section and
i have trimmed back the setup and teardown to the following, but
X509_ALGOR_new() is still going into an infinite loop in the setup
for the second batch of tests:

void setUp()

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