[openssl-users] help on des_cblock

Scott Neugroschl scott_n at xypro.com
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I suspect the use of std::string and c_str().  Use a std::vector<char> instead.

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I am new on openSSl and run  into a issue need some help.

In our application, the client and server perform a Diffie Hellman Key exchange and then encrypt the data  The client is written in C++(using openSSL), and server is in java.

 Most of time, it is running correctly, but occasionally the server(java) throw a  "Given final block not properly padded" exception.

I added more log on the both side. When the exception happen,  the keys are offset by one(for the working case, they are the same)

Server -- java  get from getEncoded()

DES Key  size (8)    (1,-83,-113,-74,-77,109,84,88)

Client -- openSSL  get from des_cblock struct

DES Key  size (8)   (-83,-113,-74,-77,109,84,88,8)


Here is the C++ code

void DiffieHellmanCipher::init(const std::string &Y){
    if (Y.length() == 0) {
    if (m_DH == NULL) {

    // convert the Y to BIGNUM
    BIGNUM *bnY = NULL;
    // Memory for bnY is allocated in BN_dec2bn call.
    if (!BN_dec2bn(&bnY, Y.c_str())) {
        if (bnY)
        printf("Could not convert Diffie-Hellman Y value to BIGNUM");

    // compute the secret key
    int dhSize = DH_size(m_DH);
    unsigned char *secretKey = (unsigned char*) new char[dhSize + 1];
    int secretKeyLen = DH_compute_key(secretKey, bnY, m_DH);

    if (secretKeyLen < 8) {
        delete [] secretKey;
        printf("Error computing secret key: key length is too short");

    // convert from raw form to odd parity DES key
    des_cblock desKey;
    memcpy(desKey, secretKey, 8);
    delete [] secretKey;

      //just print out des_cblock
    char ch[10]="\0";
    for(int i=0;i<8;i++){
      if(i != 7){

    int skRet;
    if ((skRet = DES_set_key(&desKey, &m_DESKey)) != 0) {
        delete [] secretKey;
        printf("Error computing secret key: generated key is weak");

    m_bInited = true;
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