[openssl-users] Info about size

Alfonso Coscione alfonso at coscione.it
Mon Mar 21 14:23:21 UTC 2016

Hi OpenSSL Staff,

sorry for disturb.
I'm an italian young engineer and I'm working on new software project
that wuold want to use yours openssl library to realize an
encryption/decryption protocol to use for downloading updates from a
I try to find on web some informations, but i'm not able to understand
about the sizes.
I explain better.
I've to know, more exactly, how to calculate the dimension of an
encrypted text after an encryption with a private key with an RSA
protocol.. and so, also the dimension of a decrypted text after an
decryption with a public key.
I don't know if you can help me.. I would appreciate any help or

Sorry for disturb and thanks for all your work.

Alfonso Coscione
"before giving good advice, we must give good examples..in life it takes
consistency .. !!"
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absolutely necessary. -

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