[openssl-users] X509_verify_cert cannot be called twice

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>>If I ask “is your passport valid”, I expect to be able to repeat this
>> question and (as long as this all is within a reasonably short time) get
>> exactly the same answer.
>The result of X509_verify_cert() is not just a single error value...
>Whatever is motivating the desire to call X509_verify_cert() twice
>is likely some deficiency (whether actual or perceived) in the
>current functionality, and we should probably address the underlying
>problem and the not the superficial symptoms.

I cannot comment or criticize here, because I’m not at that point (yet?).
I’m not using this functionality now, and when I do I’ll probably account
for this bit of wisdom (using the correct call sequence).

>If you're doing this in the context of SSL, the SSL layer configures
>the X509_STORE_CTX with various parameters beyond just
>X509_STORE_CTX_init(), and using your own fresh context will not
>work well.

Most likely, when I do need to use this it wouldn’t be in the context of
SSL. But I will remember this (not to use my own fresh context when using
SSL) too. ;)

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