[openssl-users] Storing session in file and reusing at client side

Shubham Chauhan shubham13099 at iiitd.ac.in
Mon May 2 06:53:25 UTC 2016


I wanted to store the freshly negotiated ssl/tls session in a file and
reuse it (via SSL_set_session()), in the next handshake. I was not able to
do that since the handshake got terminated giving a fatal error - illegal
parameters (47).

Although this works perfectly fine when I store the session in a global
variable at the client side and use it the next time. But I need to use the
same session across multiple clients (I hope session does not store the IP
and DNS entries).

I had the following questions-
1). Why is the session, when stored in an external file, resulting into the
"illegal parameter" error?
2). Is there some other way to handle the same session among different
client *.c files? Something better than writing down the session in a file
(well, even this does not seems to work for me!)

It'll be great if someone could help me out on this.
Thanks in advance.

Shubham Chauhan
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