[openssl-users] good riddance to PayPal

mlrx openssl.org at 18informatique.com
Mon May 9 07:16:07 UTC 2016

Le 06/05/2016 17:06, Steve Marquess a écrit :
> [...]
> That is definitely true, which is how I was able to get our local U.S.
> bank here to allow signature access to our accounts by non-U.S.
> colleagues. It's important that our OpenSSL funding not be accessible by
> only one person, as that person could be run over by a beer truck.
> Unfortunately a U.S. bank is less than ideal for a non-U.S. centric
> organization with funding largely originating from, and spent, outside
> the U.S.
> We have been less successful in finding a non-U.S. bank willing to have
> us as a customer, and not for lack of trying. If you know of a
> *specific* bank that would help us please name it (offline if need be).
> If we haven't already tried them we will.
>> Throw in the prospect of earning transaction fees on an
>> associated Merchant account, and motivation can grow
>> further.
> The U.S. payment processors I've talked to don't like the fact that our
> web servers are all located outside the U.S. Based on an offline tip
> from another user I've spent a good part of this morning on the phone
> with a global payments provider; we're at the familiar "uh, we'll have
> to run this by underwriting" stage.
> -Steve M.


Maybe the french ethical and cooperative bank "LA NEF" ?
Their views must be reconciled with the "free world." Their status
has recently changed to become a full-power rights bank; their range
of service is not yet complete but they are working hard to make them

best regards,


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