[openssl-users] s_client/s_server trouble

Jan Just Keijser janjust at nikhef.nl
Fri May 13 11:08:23 UTC 2016

hi all,

I've just run into something weird with openssl 1.0.1 and s_client+s_server:

- I've downloaded and compiled a static version of openssl 1.0.1t on Linux
- I've set up a PKI with a ca.crt file and a server.crt/server.key keypair
- next , I run

   ~/src/openssl-1.0.1t/apps/openssl s_server -CAfile ca.crt -cert 
server.crt -key server.key  -dhparam dh2048.pem

- then, with s_client

   ~/src/openssl-1.0.1t/apps/openssl s_client -CAfile ca.crt -connect

and I always end up with

   Verify return code: 21 (unable to verify the first certificate)

If I either change s_server *or* s_client to use openssl 0.9.8 then the 
above commands work!

What am I missing here?


JJK / Jan Just Keijser

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