[openssl-users] OpenSSL non-blocking epoll hanging on data receiving

counterpoint martin at black-sheep-research.com
Fri May 27 14:51:34 UTC 2016

Seems to always be zero, Matt, as it should be.  This gives some idea of what
is going on:
Breakpoint 4, dcb_basic_read_SSL (dcb=0x7fffdc0158d0,   
nsingleread=0x7fffffff86fc) at /root/MaxScale/server/core/dcb.c:12181218       
switch (SSL_get_error(dcb->ssl, *nsingleread))$352 = 16384Breakpoint 5,
dcb_basic_read_SSL (dcb=0x7fffdc0158d0,    nsingleread=0x7fffffff86fc) at
/root/MaxScale/server/core/dcb.c:12221222            MXS_DEBUG("%lu [%s]
Read %d bytes from dcb %p in state %s "Fri May 27 16:47:12 BST 2016$353 =
"Successful SSL read"Breakpoint 1, dcb_read_SSL (dcb=0x7fffdc0158d0,
head=0x7fffffff87d0)    at /root/MaxScale/server/core/dcb.c:11911191       
ss_dassert(gwbuf_length(*head) == (start_length + nreadtotal));$354 =
0Breakpoint 9, dcb_write (dcb=0x678ef0, queue=0x67d300)    at
/root/MaxScale/server/core/dcb.c:13701370        below_water =
(dcb->high_water && dcb->writeqlen < dcb->high_water);Fri May 27 16:47:12
BST 2016$355 = 16384$356 = "Writing to the client"
Breakpoint 4 shows the number of bytes read.Breakpoint 5 shows the case for
analysis of the return code from the read.Breakpoint 1 shows the value of
s->s3->rbuf.leftBreakpoint 9 shows the number of bytes being passed to the
write function.

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