[openssl-users] openssl-1.1.0b : Getting keys from TPM

Ken Goldman kgoldman at us.ibm.com
Thu Nov 3 15:21:58 UTC 2016

A few comments:

1 - Does "take ... keys" mean read then out of the TPM.

2 - Getting a public key from the TPM is easy.  Getting the private key 
is harder.  In addition, some keys can be created so that the private 
part never leaves the TPM.

3 - You have to specify whether this is TPM 1.2 or TPM 2.0.  Then I may 
be able to point you to sample code.

On 11/2/2016 11:06 PM, Zvi Vered wrote:
> I want to use openssl in order to send\receive encrypted messages to a
> server.
> My Target has TPM.
> Can you please explain how to configure the openssl library to take
> public+private keys from TPM ?
> Should I use a specific TPM library ?

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