[openssl-users] Access Mozilla NSS (shared) Database / PKCS#11 Modules via OpenSSL?

Jan Just Keijser janjust at nikhef.nl
Wed Nov 9 12:46:59 UTC 2016


On 08/11/16 17:33, Matthias Ballreich wrote:
> Hi there,
> how can i access the Mozilla NSS (shared) Database (cert8 or 
> cert9d.db) / PKCS#11-Modules via OpenSSL?
> I need read & write access to the NSS User Cert Database (softokn3) 
> and to the Built-In Cert Database (nssckbi) under Windows.
> I tried it with Libp11 this way:
> int rc = 0;
>         PKCS11_CTX *pkcs11_ctx;
>         pkcs11_ctx = PKCS11_CTX_new();
>         PKCS11_CTX_init_args(pkcs11_ctx,
>      "configdir=''C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/5wzkdcjx.default' 
> certPrefix='' keyPrefix='' secmod='secmod.db'");
>         rc = PKCS11_CTX_load(pkcs11_ctx, " C:/Program Files 
> (x86)/Mozilla/Firefox/softokn3.dll ");
>         printf("Desc: %s\n", pkcs11_ctx->description);
>         if (rc)
>                 printf("Error loading Module");
> But it return every time “-1” which tells me that the loading fails. 
> So is this the right way? Or should I use another library? Or is my 
> code not right?
> And can I edit the Trust Settings with that or another library like 
> with NSS directly? Because I can’t delete the built-in certs of 
> nssckbi because this is read-only I can edit the Trust-Settings for 
> that certificate. Can I do that with OpenSSL in combination with a 
> library, too? Or should I better use NSS instead of OpenSSL?
this is slightly off-topic for this mailinglist, but I'd try using 
p11-kit to access the NSS device; the problem with the softokn3 
pseudo-pkcs11 device is/was that it did not follow the PKCS11 standard 
completely - this made the softokn3 device unusable for tools like 
libp11 and opensc ; however, there are links on the web stating that 
p11-kit does not how to read a nssdb file, e.g.

and p11-kit has been ported to both mingw and cygwin.



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