[openssl-users] FW: Visual Studio compiler error for WinCE since OpenSSL version 1.0.1k

Eichenberger, John John.Eichenberger at Honeywell.com
Mon Nov 21 18:52:20 UTC 2016

I am building both OpenSSL and WPA Supplicant for use on a Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.
The WPA Supplicant version in use is based upon the hostap_2_0 tag from http://w1.fi/hostap.git.
The version of OpenSSL that we have been using until now is based upon the OpenSSL_1_0_1g from https://github.com/openssl/openssl
I can upgrade to OpenSSL_1_0_1j and still succeed.  But when I merge changes from OpenSSL_1_0_1k, all 802.1x authentication fails.

I narrowed this problem down to a single line in crypto/constant_time_locl.h.  Attached is the patch set that I applied to resolve this issue for me.
It is a confusing issue because I can compile that same bit of code in Visual Studio within a different trivial application and see that although the two methods for that bit of code produce slightly different assembly language, both should produce the same result.  And for that trivial application they do!  So why this difference breaks authentication for me when it is all thrown together makes no sense.

In my patch set you can see that I also changed what compiler switches are used for the WinCE target.  That change did not appear to fix or break anything.

  John Eichenberger
Intermec by Honeywell
Principal Engineer: Sustaining Engineering

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