[openssl-users] socket change with SSL_set_fd

Ales Stibal astib at mag0.net
Tue Oct 11 05:56:38 UTC 2016

Sorry for bumping/reposting, but does have anyone experience with 
changing SSL object's socket on the background?
I would appreciate any feedback.


On 7.10.2016 11:05, Ales Stibal wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a small, but important question which affects my project design.
> May I change underlying socket for SSL with SSL_set_fd when socket was 
> already set and used before?
> I believe it should not be problem, since in theory it's just the 
> transport channel for OpenSSL where to write, or read from.
> Am I correct?
> Many thanks,
>   Ales

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