[openssl-users] More secure use of DSA?

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I thought DSA was more secure than RSA? Granted, "I thought" is a newbie



This is completely wrong. 



If you have a consistently good source of randomness (in my environment RDRAND counts as such), then DSA is fine, and in theory is stronger than RSA because it relies on a harder mathematical problem. If your source of randomness is questionable – DSA won’t be secure (as Rich said).


Then of course there are the implementation issues – the randomness source may be available, but does the application use it correctly? (I hope that for OpenSSL the answer is “yes”, but I did not check, as I’m using RSA for work-related things, and ECC for fun. J)


Suite B and its follow-up do not include DSA. RSA and ECC only, with a warning to stand by for PQC stuff.


In summary: do what everybody else does – use RSA. J

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