[openssl-users] Async engine and BIOs

Nicolas Brunie nicolas.brunie at kalray.eu
Tue Sep 6 16:10:31 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,
    I am trying to mix an application with a buffer BIO over a SSL BIO 
which uses an asynchronous engine for offloading.

    I had a quick look at the SSL BIO (ssl/bio_ssl.c) and it does not 
seem to care about the error SSL_ERROR_WANT_ASYNC coming from a 
SSL_write or a SSL_read. Does this means that this error is silently 
ignored ?
Does it means the BIO chains will retry automatically to call the 
SSL_write ou SSL_read with the same arguments to make it finish ? Does 
it mean my call to BIO_write/BIO_read will return directly when the 
engine call ASYNC_pause_job without fnishing the job and I have to call 
BIO_write / BIO_read until the sum or return value equals the amount of 
data I was expected it to proceed ?

best regards,

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