[openssl-users] Custom lastUpdate in CRL

Jakob Bohm jb-openssl at wisemo.com
Fri Sep 9 16:25:07 UTC 2016

Interestingly, it is part of standard (automated) operations
here.  Specifically, we use it to verify that data from the
past was actually signed with certificates that were valid at
that (past) point in time.

It is not an ideal interface, but seems reliable in the
controlled environment where it is used.

On 09/09/2016 16:37, Rishi Pathak wrote:
> Hi Jakob,
>      Thanks. It solved my problem for now. I agree with your suggestion.
> In our scenario this would be a regular thing for coming years and will
> not be seen as standard way for operations.
> On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 5:00 PM, Jakob Bohm <jb-openssl at wisemo.com 
> <mailto:jb-openssl at wisemo.com>> wrote:
>     On 09/09/2016 12:11, Rishi Pathak wrote:
>         Hi,
>                For a reason we require lastUpdate to be set to a date
>         in the previous year, with
>         nextUpdate a year from now in our CRL. Search on google led me
>         to a patch which
>         allows use of startDate/endDate for CRL generation as well
>         apart from certificates.
>         Seems like 1.0-1 does not have it. Any pointers to how I can
>         achieve this using
>         OpenSSL(version) or another utility, preferably on Linux.
>     For such tasks, I currently use the faketime utility program
>     to run the openssl command line tool in a context with the
>     data artificially set to the desired time in the past.
>     I have previously suggested that an "as of" time argument
>     be added to certificate and signature validation operations,
>     and your use case suggests the same for issuance and signing
>     operations as well.
>     In fact, it seems the general solution (in future OpenSSL
>     updates) would be for all operations that use the "current
>     time/date" to accept an alternative value of that as an
>     argument.


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