[openssl-users] integral size mismatch in EVP_DecodeInit

Geoffrey Coram gjcoram at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:44:00 UTC 2016

Hi -
I'm building OpenSSL 1.0.2j for Windows CE; my build just failed this 
morning with an "integral size mismatch in argument."

In crypto\evp\encode.c, there's this declaration:

static unsigned char conv_ascii2bin(unsigned char a);

but in the function int EVP_DecodeUpdate(...)
the call v = conv_ascii2bin(tmp);
has an argument 'tmp' that's declared as an integer.

I changed it to an unsigned char, and that seems to have fixed that 

There's another issue with a call to ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_adj()
in crypto\x509v3\v3_scts.c

And another in a call to dtls1_set_message_header() in ssl\d1_lib.c:
the declaration for unsigned char *dtls1_set_message_header() says the
second argument is unsigned char mt, but in 
static void dtls1_set_handshake_header(SSL *s, int htype, unsigned 
long len)
the "int htype" is passed as the second argument.


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