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Lasse Thorbro-Steenberg lthorbrosteenberg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 14:39:51 UTC 2017


New to this list!

I am using Openssl in a project that send large amounts of data in bursts
from a windows 2008 server to an Ubuntu 16.04 client.
It works well with low data rates (<1mbs) but when mean data rates hits
around 2 mbs, things get ugly. I use blocking wrtite calls and my buffers
overflow after a while at 2mbs.
Using Wireshark I can see the TCP window remains open, but after a few
seconds on 2mbs the server start fragmenting IP packets which completely
drops the throughput to around 1 mbs.
Data is delivered successfully even with fragmentation, but the effective
throughput achievable on the link drops significantly.

Has anyone seen this type of issue before ?

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