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The linked documents didn’t say the APIs must be called on *client* side, and it works fine in my code on both client and server side.
I am under the impression that there is no asymmetry in terms of *sending* side chain building for client and server side, what you said below means client side always sends *partial* chain to server side?


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You are asking two different questions.

The certificates that the *client* sends are specified by the various “use certficiate” API’s.  No chain is built.  See doc/man3/SSL_CTX_use_certificate.pod, especially the “use certificate chain file” API.

As for what the *server* does, it tries to use what the client sends and build a chain up to one of the certificates that is in the local, server, trust store.

The API’s are a bit different for 1.0.2 than for 1.1.0

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