[openssl-users] How do I connect to this server

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Mon Apr 24 13:02:18 UTC 2017

On 24/04/17 13:52, Jeff Archer wrote:
>>> https://username:password@server.com <https://username:password@server.com/>
>>> How do I specify this username and password when using SSL_connect()?
>>You don't.  That stuff is at the protocol level about TLS/SSL.
> OK. Let me try to rephrase my question.  Please excuse me if I don't get
> terminology exactly correct I am a novice user of OpenSSL and encryption
> in general.
> I need to make a connection to this server from my app. The server will
> only allow TLS1.2 connections and requires username/password.  Other
> than the additional username/password I have working code which is
> working against a demo server which does not require this additional
> username/password.
> I am able to connect to the user using a browser by putting the
> username/password into the url.  This proves that I know the correct
> username/password but has no other relevance.

This isn't an OpenSSL related question so is off topic for this list.
You need to read about HTTP basic authentication:



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