[openssl-users] How many SAN entries...?

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 18:04:27 UTC 2017

confirmed, i've seen dozens on one cert - far more preferable to do
that and have such numbers than a single wildcard cert (which has
issues on all sorts of platforms
for various purposes).


On 26 April 2017 at 18:24, Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL
<uri at ll.mit.edu> wrote:
>     > It’s been my understanding that a cert can contain as many SAN attributes as needed,
>     > but it appears that Apple believes it has to be only one (because certificates with
>     > more than one are not processed properly).
>     Perhaps CAs have rarely issued email certificates with multiple email addresses.
> :-)
>     OpenSSL will accept multiple email SANs and with email name checks will accept
>     the certificate as valid so long as *one* of the addresses is a match.
> Thank you! That’s what I expected and hoped for. Appreciate the help!
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