[openssl-users] ASN1 & Recursive Structures definition

Dr. Pala director at openca.org
Fri Dec 1 19:14:54 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I am trying to define an ASN1 structure similar to this:

     ASN1_SIMPLE(TEST, version, ASN1_INTEGER),
     ASN1_EXP_SEQUENCE_OF_OPT(TEST, otherTests, TEST, 0)


what is the correct procedure for doing that ? The problem is that the 
"otherTests" field should be a sequence of "TEST" structures, but 
defined like that it won't work.

Is there a way to solve the issue ? Or shall we use something like 
ASN1_ANY to avoid the circular reference ?


[**] = For completeness, that is what is defined in the test.c - in 
test.h we define the struct as usual

     struct test_st;
     typedef struct test_st TEST;

     typedef struct test_st {
         ASN1_INTEGER * version;
         STACK_OF(TEST) * otherTests;
     } TEST;


Best Regards,
Massimiliano Pala, Ph.D.
OpenCA Labs Director
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