[openssl-users] VS2017 15.5 hangs indefinitely with Blake2b.c

Oliver Niebuhr googleersatz at oliverniebuhr.de
Wed Dec 6 08:24:20 UTC 2017


I am not sure if it is a VS Compiler Bug or a Bug in OpenSSL.

When the Compiler reaches 'Blake2b.c', it creates the 'Blake2b.obj' and
then hangs indefinitely.

CPU usage for CL stays at 27-28 Percent. Used RAM stays at 34-35 Megabyte.

OpenSSL Version: 1.1.0 Git up2date, Static and Dynamic build
Windows: Windows 10, X64, FCU, up2date
Windows 10 SDK: 16299
VS Compiler Version: 14.11 and 14.12, running from VS native CMD Line
NASM: 2.13.02 (also happens without NASM)
Perl Version: Strawberry Perl
Perl Configure:
no-comp no-rc5 no-idea no-mdc2 no-tls1 no-tls1-method no-tls1_1
no-tls1_1-method no-dtls no-dtls1-method no-dtls1_2 no-dtls1_2-method
no-deprecated no-weak-ssl-ciphers VC-WIN64A
--openssldir=%SystemDrive%\openssl11x64\ && nmake

When I add 'no-blake2' OpenSSL compiles fine.

Does anyone else have this Issue? Last build I did was at 23rd November
and then today. So I am not sure which commit (if at all??) probably
introduces this Problem.

BTW: Unrelated to this: Since 2 or 3 Months, the Fuzz Test always ends
with "Error: wstat10 (2560, 0x0)" (Sorry dont remember the full Error -
compiling something else right now). All other Tests are ok. Can I keep
ignoring this or should I create a BR on Github?


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