[openssl-users] Certificate Verify and non-root Trust Anchors

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Dec 11 23:27:39 UTC 2017

I believe that I ran into a similar problem where by I could not pin
('trust') an intermediate certificate (which was not self-signed) for the
purposes of verifying a CMS/PKCS7 object.

I don't have a solution, and I believe that work is required.

Dr. Pala <director at openca.org> wrote:
    > I am trying to verify a certificate and provide the possibility to
    > directly trust an intermediate CA's certificate (not self-signed).
    > After setting up the STORE and STORE_CTX and add the intermediate CA to
    > the trusted certificates, when I use the "X509_verify_cert(ctx)" I get
    > the usual "unable to get issuer certificate" - which would be fine for
    > a "non-trusted" cert, but I would expect that to not be an issue for a
    > trusted certificate.

    > Therefore, my question is what is the best method to have that behavior
    > ?

    > I tried to use the certificate callback to do that, but there is no
    > function to get the trusted certificates' stack (i.e., there is a
    > X509_STORE_CTX_get0_untrusted() but there is no equivalent for the
    > trusted certificates' stack) - so I could not verify if the current
    > certificate (in the verify callback call) is in the trusted stack or
    > not...

    > Maybe there are flags / trust settings that can be used instead ?

    > Cheers, Max

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    > Best Regards, Massimiliano Pala, Ph.D.  OpenCA Labs Director OpenCA
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