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>>> Hear about the HP keylogging case recently? Do you think a keylogger is
>>> actually used in testing of a keyboard driver, in practice?
>>> Yes.
>>> More specifically, it's used to ensure that the scancodes that should
>>> be detected when a particular key is hit or released are actually
>>> detected when that key is hit or released. It's also useful for
>>> identifying how a particular keyboard has failed, to see which
>>> scancodes aren't being transmitted properly.
>>> That said, it's not something that should be left in a production
>>> driver. It's more suited for a development/diagnostics station than a
>>> general-purpose system.
> Actually no.  Microseconds count, when testing a keyboard driver.  It's easy to imagine that a keylogger could be used, that's why the cover story worked on so many.  But in actual practice it's not useful.
>>> (Eeesh. And my friends call me "paranoid".)
> It's easy to characterize this as paranoia.  Unless you are paying attention to -facts- as the feedstock.

I should have said, "It's easy --and fun-- to characterize this as paranoia."
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