[openssl-users] Evaluation of OpenSSL stack software

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Dec 22 22:09:38 UTC 2017

Jan Graczyk <j.graczyk at telic.de> wrote:
    > I am actually evaluating OpenSSL stack software to be possibly used in
    > my company next generation products. We would like to have a secure
    > connection between our device TCP/IP stack and web server which already
    > has SSL server running. I am looking for a benchmarks of OpenSSL client
    > running on ARM Cortex-M3 based processor. I would appreciate very much
    > feedback from you. Thank you.

I think you'll need to be far specific.

If you want to know bulk AES128 performance, then maybe this will help:

What compiler?  What MHZ?  What kind of RAM?
The above paper uses mbedTLS (which used to be PolarSSL, but ARM bought it).
The bulk rates are likely comparable.  I don't have any data, but a google
searched found a variety of papers.
Fitting openssl into an M3's code space can be easy or hard depending on many factors. 

If you are concerned about setup times, then what method are you using to authenticate?
(RSA? ECDSA? PSK? Raw Public Key)

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