[openssl-users] After calling SSL_Shutdown on client, server's SSL_get_shutdown still returns 0

Germain Le Chapelain germain.lechapelain at lanvaux.fr
Fri Dec 22 15:20:20 UTC 2017


Is this supposed to happen ?
I have a SSL Server writting to a client.

I was expecting that if, at a random time (user initiated) the client would call SSL_Shutdown,
then the Server would `see' the shutdown by calling SSL_get_shutdown

But that never happens.

If I keep calling Shutdown on the client, the second time it returns -1 (with ERRORSYSCALL I think)
I can keep reading the data from the server on the client with SSL_read until it decides to stop.

SSL_get_shutdown on the server keeps returning zero during that time.

Am I missunderstanding how this is supposed to work ?

Now, I am giving up and implementing a system where I have a second server on a separate port, 
which only waits for a connection from the client to know if it should stop transmitting and close 
the connection.

Thank you!


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