[openssl-users] OpenSSL SHA algorithm

Swapnil Deshpande swapnilddeshpande at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 03:44:58 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Noob here. I recently discovered that the "-sha1" and "-sha" flags in the
"openssl dgst" command produce different outputs. I thought those were the
same algorithms but turns out they are not:

$ echo -n "password" | openssl dgst -sha


$ echo -n "password" | openssl dgst -sha1


I am aware of SHA1 and the SHA-128 algorithm.

1. What algorithm is used to generate hash when I use the "-sha" option?

2. What could I have done to get this answer to #1 in a better way? I am
asking this because I tried to find what algorithm is being used through
the "help" option as well as trying to search via "man openssl" but
couldn't find anything. I also did a basic search for "openssl sha vs sha1"
and couldn't find any relevant results. If there was a better way to know
more about this option (say by reading some documentation), I'd be glad to
know about it.

Merry Christmas.


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