[openssl-users] FW: problem with missing STDINT.H file

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
Tue Feb 7 20:51:28 UTC 2017

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> Subject: Re: [openssl-users] FW: problem with missing STDINT.H file
> Using parenthesis with the defined and sizeof operators is
> considered good for readability and thus proper style in
> most projects.

Rubbish.  Cite a methodologically sound study that shows it improves readability, or that "most projects" define it as "proper style". (Good luck with the latter, since I'm willing to wager the vast majority of C source isn't associated with any explicit style document.)

It's cargo-cult programming, most often by people who can't be bothered to learn the language they're using.

Michael Wojcik 
Distinguished Engineer, Micro Focus 

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