[openssl-users] Integrate EVP Cipher into OpenSSL Speed Sest

Schmicker, Robert rschm2 at unh.newhaven.edu
Tue Feb 21 05:38:49 UTC 2017


I successfully managed to integrate an encryption cipher into the EVP and has been

tested to work and now I'd like to get some speed tests of the cipher using openssl's

integrated speed test via the command line with the "-evp" flag.

What I've done so far to try and integrate it into openssl's speed test....

1) Confirmed EVP_mycipher() works

2) Noticed ./apps/speed.c was calling:

         case OPT_EVP:

                         evp_cipher = EVP_get_cipherbyname(opt_arg());

3) Then modified ./crypto/objects/objects.txt to include the necessary defines
         # Mycipher
         !Alias myc 1
         !Cname myc
         myc 1                 : MYCIPHER             : mycipher

4) Ran a make update then make and saw all necessary defines were generated

However, the speed test cannot find my cipher because EVP_get_cipherbyname()
returns NULL. But... in a separate test.c file when I use EVP_get_cipherbynid()
using mycipher's NID value it finds it.

Any idea why the EVP is able to find my cipher via NID but not by name?

Any help is much appreciated!

Rob Schmicker

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