[openssl-users] Reg, TLS over SCTP (SOCK_SEQPACKET)

Sanjaya Joshi joshi.sanjaya at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 09:59:13 UTC 2017

I understand that when implementing TLS over SCTP, if socket is opened with
SOCK_STREAM (one-to-one connection), then normal openssl calls (SSL_accept,
SSL_connect) can be used for TLS handshakes in a client/server program.

But these calls don't work when SOCK_SEQPACKET (one-to-many connections) is
used. Does openssl provide any alternatives for these calls ? Or an
application need to perform the TLS handshakes manually ?

Also, whether openssl has any sample program for TLS over SCTP with

Would appreciate a quick reply. Thanks in advance.
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