[openssl-users] Default key length of DH/DHE/ECDH/ECDHE

SaAtomic saatomic at keemail.me
Mon Jul 24 11:35:13 UTC 2017

I'm not sure if this question is more suitable for the OpenVPN or the OpenSSl users list.

OpenSSL as the ssl/tls library for OpenVPN offers DH with and without ephemeral keys as well as with or without elliptic curves.

With OpenVPN 2.4.0 and OpenSSL 1.0.2l only ECDHE and DHE are available, but I do not have the option to define a key length,
so I assume OpenSSL's default key length will be used.

What is the default key length of OpenSSL for DH, DHE, ECDH and ECDHE?

Thank you and regards,
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