[openssl-users] Fwd: CAVP fips_rsastest.c not producing the correct signature?

Swetha Hariharan swethahariharan1810 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 04:15:53 UTC 2017

I am trying test the rsa 186-2 openssl fips module 2.0.16 implementation
using the NIST Testvectors. Using the  fips_rsastest.c file the
FIPS_rsa_x931_generate_key_ex(rsa, keylen, bn_e, NULL) function called to
generate the modulus n as the output and taking modulus size as the input
i,e [mod=1024]. Then this modulus along with the appropriate hash function
and message is passed to FIPS_rsa_sign(rsa, Msg, Msglen, dgst, pad_mode,
Saltlen, NULL,sigbuf, (unsigned int *)&siglen) to obtain the signature as
the output.
But each time i execute the c code it generates different modulus n. Why is
output changing after every execution. What am i doing wrong? I am facing
the same problem with DSA parameter generation also. It will help me.

With Regards,
Swetha H

With Regards,
Swetha H
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