[openssl-users] Session Ticket Support in Openssl TLS 1.2

Neetish Pathak npathak2 at ncsu.edu
Fri Jun 16 18:58:34 UTC 2017

I tried reading  some content from the server side and I observed the
new_session_cb getting invoked in that case on the client side. I
understand that may be due to delayed NewSession info transfer from server
side to client side. But it is helpful for saving the session info on the
client side. (Thanks Matt for your input)

However, now I have two concerns

1) I see that latency for handshake with session resumption in TLS 1.3 has
not improved as much as it improves for TLS 1.2
With TLS 1.3, I observed that resumption brings down the connection time
from 2.5 ms to 1.2-1.3 ms
while with TLS 1.2 (using either session IDs or tickets), the connection
time reduces from 2.5 ms to 0.5-0.6 ms.

The whole code is similar for running the two experiments with only max TLS
version changed. Can someone comment on the latency measurements for the
two cases.
TLS 1.3 is supposed to be better than TLS 1.2 in my opinion. Please comment.

2) PSK (Pre-shared keys) for resumption are highly emphasized in TLS 1.3
RFC. How do we generate pre-shared keys in advance even without making the
first connection. Can someone guide me in the right direction.

Best Regards,

On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 2:30 AM, Matt Caswell <matt at openssl.org> wrote:

> On 14/06/17 18:36, Neetish Pathak wrote:
> >
> > My calling sequence is :
> >
> > client.connectToServer();
> >
> > client.sslTcpConnect();
> >
> > client.sslTcpClosure();
> Does your client at any point attempt to read application data (i.e.
> through a call to SSL_read()/SSL_read_ex()?). It is not sufficient to
> just connect to a server via SSL_connect(). Because the session
> information is established *post* handshake in TLSv1.3, OpenSSL won't
> see it unless you actually try and read information from the connection.
> Matt
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