[openssl-users] Building libssl and libcrypto, .dlls and .libs, with different names?

Zarlenga.Mike Mike.Zarlenga at IGT.com
Mon Jun 26 01:18:39 UTC 2017

Good day,

Has anyone on this mailing list gone through the steps necessary to build OpenSSL 1.1.0f with the old filenames (libeay and ssleay)?

Our current build is based on libeay32 and ssleay32 as the 32-bit filenames and libeay64 and ssleay64 as the 64-bit filenames. Accomplishing the "64" name change requires just a simple edit on the 2 .def files after ms\do_win64a and before nmake.

But the build process for 1.1.0 is different (no ms\do_win64a step) and I'm hoping someone on this list has already gone through the effort for something similar and will share so that I don't have to start digging through makefiles to reinvent the same wheel.

Thanks in advance,
M Zarlenga

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