[openssl-users] Building libssl and libcrypto, .dlls and .libs, with (ABI compatibility)

Zarlenga.Mike Mike.Zarlenga at IGT.com
Tue Jun 27 15:58:09 UTC 2017

In message <36801de60bb64636a97247641981693c at RNOP-EXCI05.is.ad.igt.com> on Mon, 26 Jun 2017 01:18:39 +0000, "Zarlenga.Mike" <Mike.Zarlenga at IGT.com> said:

MZ> Has anyone on this mailing list gone through the steps necessary to
MZ> build OpenSSL 1.1.0f with the old filenames (libeay and ssleay)?

RL>Generally speaking, it's a bad idea.
RL>The 1.1.0 libraries aren't ABI backward compatible with the older versions.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for replying.

Since I'm rebuilding and relinking from source code, do I need to be concerned
with ABI backward compatibility?

I see that build.info builds the .libs for VMS with a 32/64 suffix, the same naming
convention that we're using for 1.0.n, and want to keep in 1.1.n. So, maybe, our
best way forward is a small change to build.info in the IF statement for /^VC-/ ?

M Zarlenga

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