[openssl-users] using OpenSSL on Android

Ta Chen tantalum73 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 20:42:01 UTC 2017



I am trying to write a JAVA program to establish a TLS client connection to
a server using openssl FIPS object module on an Android platform.

I understand on a high level that I will have to build the FIPS module and
write a JNI wrapper to allow the openssl routines to be invoked from JAVA
and pass results back. But I am not quite clear about the specifics. In
particular, since the private key cannot be extracted in JAVA, how does one
give openssl the necessary key materials to use in the TLS handshaking? Do I
have to go into the handshaking process and graft the the JAVA part into it?


Any help will be appreciated.





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