[openssl-users] X25519: how to generate public key?

Olivier Meunier musicoliv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 10:49:05 UTC 2017


using openSSL 1.1.0e, I generate my private key using:
openssl genpkey -algorithm x25519 -out x25519.key.pem

But I cannot find how to generate the public key. I tried:
openssl ec -in x25519.key.pem -pubout -out x25519.key.pub.pem
but got the errors:
read EC key
unable to load Key
16084:error:0608308E:digital envelope 
routines:EVP_PKEY_get0_EC_KEY:expecting a ec key:crypto\evp\p_lib.c:319:

What is the right command to get the public key?


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