[openssl-users] regarding memory cleanup at end of each DTLS session

Vineet Kumar Srivastava svineet at kodiakptt.com
Tue Mar 21 10:30:32 UTC 2017

Hi Guys,
  I have a server implementation of DTLS Server using OPENSSL.
  At the end of each DTLS Session however I see that memory usage of process keeps on increasing.
  However on running Valgrind with the process no significant leak is observed.

  So, wanted to know that whether the function calls being done by me on getting DTLS Alerts are proper or not.

  Version being used is OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013

  On getting DTLS Alert following function calls are being done.

      SSL_free (ssl);

  Where ssl is the SSL* which was created when server got Client Hello for the handshake.

Please advise if I am required to do anymore cleanup on getting DTLS Alert.

  Your advise is highly appreciated.


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