[openssl-users] TLSv1_2_method

Lei Kong leikong at msn.com
Fri Mar 24 21:51:07 UTC 2017

Can processes running with TLSv1_2_method talk to processes running with something older, e.g. TLSv1_1_method? Along the same lines, will new TLS versions be backward compatible with TLSv1_2_method ?

I would like to make my code proof, is there something like TLS_latest_method()?

I have a cluster of nodes that talk to each other with TLS, currently the version is hardcoded to TLSv1_2_method. Suppose TLSv1_2 is deprecated by TLS_new one day, I update my service to use TLS_new node by node, during this time, some old nodes are running with TLSv1_2, some new nodes are running with new TLS_new, will the communication between old and new nodes work?


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