[openssl-users] https using OpenSSL for embedded device and java server

Sarvesh Renghe sarvesh.renghe at brickandbyte.in
Wed Mar 29 11:31:33 UTC 2017

Dear all,


I have application specific query as below.


We have a solution for remote data monitoring. It picks up the data from
remote sites using a modem, forms a string of data values, connects to
server on GPRS/Ethernet using socket and pushes data to server periodically.
The modem is having firmware developed in embedded c on top of RTOS. The
server has tomcat application server which hosts a data server class (in
java) listening on a configurable port. The listener listens to this port
and parses the data to store in database.


Now we want to send this data from modem to server in a secured way. Once
option is to encrypt the data using RSAEncyptor before sending and decrypt
the data using RSADescryptor after receiving. Second option could be to use
https protocol so that it is more standardized. So if we have to use second
option, what should be the approach? Are there readymade libraries available
to send it on https from modem in embedded C? Are there corresponding
libraries available in java to receive it on server? What should be overall
architecture. We though OpenSSL can help in this.


I am new to this and may not have given all the information required. Feel
free to let me know if you need any more inputs. Also you may direct me to
appropriate forum, if this is not the right forum.



Thanks & Regards,



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