[openssl-users] Documentation for Integrating New Cipher Creation Request

Schmicker, Robert rschm2 at unh.newhaven.edu
Mon May 1 03:08:08 UTC 2017


Over the past several months through trial and error I have at last been able to integrate a new symmetric cipher into OpenSSL. After following this email chain for these past months I’ve noticed that once in a blue moon other users would ask how to integrate a new cipher into both libcrypto and libssl. While the process is still fresh in my head, I was wondering if the community would benefit in having some documentation on the process to follow and issues that may arise? Possibly add this into the OpenSSL wiki? I would love for this to be my first contribution to an open source project and help others who may find themselves in similar situations in the future.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Rob Schmicker

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